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Chemical and Biosafety

BOILER LINE: Combustion Additives: 

Corrosion inhibitor, accelerator catalyst, homogenizer, dispersant. Generates savings in fuel consumption and lower pollutant emissions to the atmosphere.

Applicable to: Fuel Oil, ACPM, Heavy Crude


Specialized in specific cleaning of mineral, animal or vegetable dirt and grease on any surface. Biodegradable, bactericidal and high performance. Safe for operators because they do not emit gases, and environmentally friendly due to their neutral pH.

High performance because they can be diluted up to 2% due to the high concentration of the active component.

  • S300: Grasas Pesadas
  • S100: multiusos

Personal Biosafety Kits – POPs

In various sizes (30, 60, 120 cc, others) containing alcohol and 70% disinfectant gel with Invima registration, in personalized Ziploc bags. The containers can carry the company image with the corporate logo, or be delivered together with other protection elements in biodegradable bags with the corporate image. Several options.

Cleaning and Disinfection Portfolio – Industrial and Institutional Line

Our industrial and institutional cleaning and disinfection line supports and assists COVID-19 contingency plans, our chemical and biosafety portfolio has the following notable advantages:

High performance degreasing and sanitizing detergents.
National manufacture with state-of-the-art technology and fast delivery

  • They remove dirt, grease, viruses and bacteria due to their degreasing action, which deactivates and removes lipids on all types of surfaces.
  • Water-based, biodegradable, pH-neutral products that protect users and the environment (spills).
  • They are non-toxic: they do not give off gases or vapors. They do not burn and are not flammable. Non-abrasive.
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio due to its concentration: it can be diluted in water up to 2% with high effectiveness and performance.
  • Wide range in 5 gallon presentation, color and rich aroma in some references.
  • Easy application in industrial, institutional and municipal use. Tested on floors, walls, countertops, ovens, ovens, hoods, stoves, engines, tools, protection and cleaning equipment, etc.

National manufacture and very fast delivery, chemical products and biosafety with Sanitary Registration.

  • Disinfectant Ethyl Alcohol 70% in presentation of 1 Lt (with or without applicator) Gallon and Carafe (5 Gal).
  • PURE Ethyl Alcohol 96% EXTRA NEUTRAL ideal for making Antiseptic Alcohol with higher purity (dilute with water 70% wt/Vol), liter, gallon and carafe presentation.
  • Antibacterial moisturizing gel at 60% Alcohol in 1 Lt and Gallon presentation.
  • Antibacterial liquid soap in gallon and carafe.
  • Quaternary ammonium 10%, in presentation of 1 liter and 1 gallon (to be diluted in 100 parts). Biodegradable, disinfects and deodorizes.
  • Industrial disinfectant cleaner with aroma (Lemon or Floral) – Active compound Quaternary Ammonium Quaternary Ammonium 5th Generation 0.5%, presentation Gallon and Carafe.
  • Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25%) in Gallon and Barrel presentation.

Biosafety Elements

  • Various types of mouthpieces: thermosealed or triple-layer sewn, in individual bags.
  • PET mask, 0.75 caliber, visor size 39 x 23 cm.
  • Protective mask in 2 mm acrylic, 21.5 x 27 cm, with rear headband.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Nitrile Gloves (Sizes S, M and L).
  • Surgical coverall 90 gr white, durable and resistant.
  • Washable, lightweight, durable and resistant polyester overalls, white color.
  • Portable infrared thermometer.

Pedestals for biosafety

Signaling for implementation of biosafety processes
Design, development and implementation

  • We make signage in rigid or flexible materials for each of the areas established in the biosafety plan approved for your industry, fully customized with company branding.

Ozone Detector in the range 0.001 – 1.00 PPM

  • For areas where disinfection with ozone is being carried out. Detectors for confined spaces, toxic and flammable gases.

Chemicals and biosafety Sinduly


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