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Tunnel monitoring solutions

Tunnel Atmosphere Monitoring
Visibility and Smoke


Optical and Electrochemical versions, compact or independent.

Establishing the direction and speed of the airflow and includes temperature measurement. There is a punctual version and a measurement through the tunnel version.

Luminance and Illuminance

Leak Detection and Third Party Interference in Pipelines – with DTS and DAS technology from AP Sensing

Optimal distributed detection for leak detection and third-party interference monitoring by DTS and DAS with fiber optic cables and without influence of the hydraulic conditions of the pipeline, offering long measurement range with virtually no maintenance for decades.

Using stand-alone DFOS technologies for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), pipeline operators can convert their telecom fiber optic cables to sensing cables or install new dedicated cables to ensure integrity pipelines, immediate leak detection, and continuous risk reduction in a wide range of safety-critical applications, including oil and gas tank monitoring, special hazard fire detection, and power cable monitoring. energy supply.

DAS and DTS (SIL2) technologies can be used together for redundancy and fast confirmation of the leak alarm.


  • FOLDS system for the detection and location of gases, water, liquid hydrocarbons, LNG, LPG and multiphase pipelines.
  • Monitoring of third-party interference to prevent damage or theft in pipelines.
  • Detection of pipe rupture and ignition
  • Wall temperature monitoring of heated pipes
  • Monitoring of PIG indicators
  • Monitoring of airbags in multiphase lines

With SmartVisionTM management software, it is possible to integrate other sensors and leak detection systems (LDS) such as the LDS negative pressure wave and mass balance system, providing a complete view of critical infrastructure.

Fire detection

AP Sensing’s LHD linear heat detection technology using fiber optics with certified, standard or specialized low-cost detection cables with a 30-year life expectancy, enables the industry’s fastest detection and lowest false rate alarms, in special risk applications, with low operating costs and maximum reliability even in severe conditions such as:

  • Dirt, dust and corrosive atmospheres
  • High humidity and extreme temperature changes
  • Solvent vapors and radioactivity
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Explisve environments due to gas or dust (ATEX / IECEx)


  • A single cable, passive, easy to install, immune to EMC, dirt, dust and humidity.
  • Maintenance free, longer service life.
  • Greater coverage.
  • Functionality up to 1000ºC.
  • Precise location of fires with information on the size and monitoring of the spread.
  • Flexible configuration of alarm areas with five different alarm criteria.


  • Tank farms
  • Coal storage
  • Production areas in Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Offshore Production
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cable trays and transformers. False floors and ceilings. Bus conduit.
  • Tunnels, subways, parking lots

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